5 Cool Things You Didn’t Know About The GLEE Cast

Even though the show aired its last episode in 2015, Glee still manages to make new fans with every new generation that discovers it. That’s the magic behind the show and the many characters that made it what it was. There’s absolutely no way you can’t become obsessed with the show after watching it. If you happen to already be at the point of obsession, you might think you know everything about the cast of Glee, but we’re here to tell you that you don’t. Here are 5 cool things about the Glee cast that you more than likely didn’t about.


1. Heather Morris is a real-life smarty-pants.


Brittany was the ultimate stereotypical blonde-cheerleader-airhead—at least that’s how it was when the show first started. The show played of Brittany as someone who was totally clueless but extremely talented. Brittany was one of the most talented dancers on the show, and her singing wasn’t half bad either. She actually was the only one who was capable of pulling off Britney Spears properly. Later on, the show told us that Brittany was actually a genius. It turns out that the same is true in real-life. Heather Morris graduated high school with a 4.0 GPA. That’s enough said.


2. Michele and Ushkowitz are best friends for life.


One of the themes that carried on throughout the entire series is that of friendship. The friendship that these young people develop in high school would carry on later on in life, sustaining them all through the hardest parts of growing up and becoming adults. It just so happens that actresses Lea Michele (Rachel Berry) and Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina Cohen-Chang) have actually been close friends since they were 8 years old. The two did an amazing job on screen because they didn’t always seem eye-to-eye on the show even though they were BFFs in real life.


3. Dot-Marie Jones is an arm-wrestling champion.


She was a 6-time national champion and a 15-time world champion in arm wrestling. Reading this fact now after watching Glee, you should have no reservations about believing its reality. Dot-Marie Jones played Coach Beiste on the show, and she was always someone that wasn’t to be messed with. It turns out that the actress playing the character was someone you wouldn’t want to mess with either.


4. Harry Shum Jr. was a dance teacher.


More specifically, he was Heather Morris’ teacher when she was learning how to dance hip-hop in dance class. If you thought that Heather Morris was a great dancer, Harry Shum Jr. was probably better enough to become her teacher. Harry Shum Jr. didn’t always have the spotlight on him. But every time the camera was on him, he made sure he was dancing as hard and as good as he could. We definitely noticed, Harry. We sure noticed.


5. Quinn Fabray was a hard character to cast.


As a matter of fact, Quinn Fabray was the last character to be cast, and thankfully, Dianna Agron was the perfect fit for the role. In addition, Quinn Fabray almost became Liz Fabray. We’re not saying it sounds bad; it just doesn’t sound right at all.